About us - Voiceover Professional

Voiceover Professional has the right voice for your story

Voiceover Professional is the easiest and most transparent way to find a professional voiceover for your media project. Simply choose native speakers from the many available languages through the online ordering system. With just a few clicks you can order the perfect voice for your corporate video, presentation, documentary, commercial, event, e-learning course or website.

Manage your entire voiceover project online

Listen to our experienced voice actors online and choose the right tone of voice that suits your production. Enter your text, then use the convenient 'Comments' tool to provide directions for the voice actor, and select the desired delivery time. The applicable rates for the voiceover will be immediately displayed. Complete your order and receive the recorded and professionally mastered voiceover within your specified delivery time, via a download link. You can log into your Voiceover Professional account anytime, to follow the progress of your current project. Your account will also display your previous voiceover projects, so you will always have an online record of all your voiceover recordings at your fingertips.

Reduce the cost of your voiceover, but never the quality!

We know that Voiceover Professional users want efficiency, but will not compromise on quality. With Voiceover Professional you will certainly limit voiceover costs, but at the same time you will be working with experienced voice actors and skilled audio professionals. So you can be assured that each voiceover is of the highest professional standard.

Convenient, online production with professional support

No need to review dozens of quotes or proposals. Simply listen directly to the online voices, choose a voice, and immediately see what the cost of the voiceover will be. This convenience is just one of the many benefits of using Voiceover Professional. Another key benefit: our user-friendly and transparent ordering system is backed by the audio professionals of Studio Make. With a wealth of expertise and experience in audio post-production for multimedia projects, Studio Make has been recognized for decades as a leading international sound studio.

Plug into years of audio experience

With Voiceover Professional, you will be tapping into the knowledge of highly experienced audio professionals, ensuring an extremely efficient and targeted production of your voiceover project. You can also rely on expert advice and support. Our dedicated audio professionals and voice actors put their heart and soul into your project. Would you like to know more? Just call or e-mail us!