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FAQ - Voiceover Professional

How do I place my order?

Only registered clients can place orders. Go to 'My account' and 'Start new project'.

Step 1 starts by chosing the language and the gender. If you also choose a tone of voice, then you can hear samples of the several voices in chosen tone of voice by clicking on the green speaker box of each voicecard. You can also download the sample by clicking on the box with the green arrow. If you have made your choice, please click on select.

Step 2 starts by giving your project a name, maybe some comments, select purpose, delivery time and file format. After that you can enter your text in the text field or upload your text file. Please use the format we recommand (you can download this format when you click on the green icon X in the middle of the screen with the arrow pointing downwards).

Save the project before clicking on the 'Next step'

Step 3 gives the project details (word count, etc) and the project costs.

If the project overview is correct, you can click on 'Finish' which brings you at the invoice details and payment options. After filling in this screen and if you agree to the terms and conditions, you can really 'Finish' your project.

After your payment with paypal, iDeal or creditcard your order will be placed.


What is the difference between selecting 'corporate' or 'commercial' use in the Purpose option ?

If you want to record a text for use in a video, IVR, live event, animation etc. which will not be broadcasted on radio, TV or pushed on-line (Youtube Pre-roll, Facebook add or other pushed Socials) you can select this job as 'corporate'. When broadcasted on radio or TV or pushed on-line please select 'commercial'. 

TV and radio commercials and on-line pushed media are calculated with different rates, depending on the broadcast area, the time span etc. Please include as many project details as possible, and select 'Commercial' as the purpose. We'll get back to you promptly with a quote of the voiceover costs. 

Can I combine projects?

If you have several scripts (for use in multiple video's, animations or any other production) and which you want to combine for one voiceover please contact us for a combined rate. The calculation of a price in a job is based on the amount of text in a script + the buyout (or use) per production. 

What happens after placing my order?

After you have placed your order, we will initiate the process of contacting the selected voiceover to read the text. After the recording, the text will be edited and mastered in our Studio so we can deliver the end result as soon as possible within the specified delivery times.

When you log into your account, you can view the status of your project in the 'Projects Overview' section (Status: new, in production, in mastering, completed). Here you will also find all the specified details, including the project text, the invoice etc.

The voiceover I want to choose is temporarily unavailable. Now what?

If a voiceover is temporarily unavailable, you can click on the red triangle of his/her voicecard so you can see when the voiceover you prefer will be available again. You can decide if your project can wait for or is worthwhile to wait for your preferred voiceover or that you have to chose a (good!) alternative voiceover to get the job done in the time you want it to.

Please note that if you choose a voice which is not available at that time, the displayed number of days of delivery time must be added to the day the voice is available again. 


I don't know which voiceover to choose for my project. Can you help me?

Yes, of course! We have many years of experience in casting and recording voiceovers for all kinds of projects. Please feel free to contact us with your question and provide us with the job details to let us help you find the right voice.

You can contact us by mail: info@voiceover-professional.com 

or by phone: +31 (0)40 255 8779

Can I also upload a text document? Or an audio or video file as an example for the voice?

Yes. Besides typing your text in the text editor, you can also upload your text via the ‘Upload Excel’ button. Please note that the file format used for uploading text is Microsoft Excel. This makes it possible to work with columns, which gives you the opportunity to relate filenames to text blocks. You can download an Excel template by clicking this link.

You also can attach an audiofile for pronunciation examples for the voice. Or you can attach a video file for the voiceocer to get an impression of the ambiance of the multimedia presentation.

I want to propose some voices to my client. How can I do that?

If you would like to propose a voice to your client, you can always download the voice samples you would like to propose. Just select the voice, and the tone-of-voice that fits your project best, and click the ‘Download’ button (the box with the green arrow).

Can I cancel my order once it has been paid?

That depends on how far the project has been progressed. Once an order has been placed and paid, the selected voiceover receives automatically a notification for a new job and can start recording the text. So if you would like to cancel an order after it has been placed and paid, please contact us as soon as possible in order to see if we can reach the voiceover to notify him/her that the job has been cancelled.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my order?

Yes, but please note that we do have to deduct an administrative fee equivalent to 15% of the total price. This is used to cover the costs of credit card services, PayPal, or any other refund costs.

Is VAT included in the price?

For Dutch customers VAT will be calculated in the total price.

What is file handling?

Recordings are usually delivered as a single audio file. If you would like to receive a recording in separate files (with specific filenames) additional costs will be calculated. Note that this option requires you to use the 'Upload Excel' function. 

How are the extra delivery costs calculated?

The costs for a Priority or Express delivery are calculated based on the initial project costs.

For projects ordered with the Priority option, an extra amount of 10% over the initial project cost is calculated.
For projects ordered with the Express option, an extra amount of 20% over the initial project cost is calculated.

Do I get a discount if I combine projects?

No. Each project has its own initial costs, so we are not able to offer discounts on multiple projects

How can I pay for my order?

With Voice Over Professional we accept most common credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. You can also pay via PayPal or iDeal.

Why has my payment been declined?

Card payments can be declined for a variety of reasons:

- Your card might be out of date.
- You may have entered your details incorrectly.
- You may have entered the wrong CVC/CVV code.

If the problem persists, please contact your bank or credit card issuer.

And if you need to place your project order now in order to meet your deadlines of your project, please contact us so we can help you to find a solution.

Is it possible to order on an invoice?

It is only possible to order on an invoice if we have made an arrangement for this on a contract basis.

In what format will my files be delivered?

As part of the ordering process, you can specify the file format in which you would like to receive your final files. The most common file formats are .aif, .wav, and .mp3. If you would like to receive your files in another format, you can choose 'Other' and specify the format you prefer.

How long does it take to deliver finished files for my project?

Our standard delivery time is within 5 working days, but we always aim to deliver the files sooner if possible. If you want to be certain that you will receive your files in time for a firm deadline, you can choose a specific delivery time when you place your order.

What are the other delivery times?

We offer 3 delivery options: Standard, Priority and Express.

- Standard: within 5 working days
- Priority: within 3 working days
- Express: within 2 working days

For projects ordered with the Priority option, we charge an extra 10% above the original cost.
For projects ordered with the Express option, we charge an extra 20% above the original cost.

I want to make some adjustments to the original text. What can I do?

Please be aware that there is always a starting fee for the voiceover to record additional text. You can send an email to Voice Over Professional and depending the wanted adjustment (just some words or sentences) the voiceover will count an update fee of minimal € 75,00 or let you know if the update fee is higher. 

What are the terms and conditions when ordering at Voiceover Professional?

To view our terms and conditions please click this link: terms and conditions.

Do I need to register to listen to your voice samples?

No. Please feel free to browse through our database of voices, and listen to the different samples. You can also download the voice samples by using the Download button.

Do I need to register to place an order?

Yes. To place an order you will need to create a personal account.

What is the purpose of my account?

Your 'My account' is a very useful place on Voice Over Professional. This is where you can view all your projects: the ones that are in production and the ones that are completed.

All open projects can be viewed in the 'Projects Overview'. By clicking on a project name you can instantly view and print all details regarding the project. The selected voice actor and tone-of-voice can be downloaded with one simple click. You can display the project text (including any comments) or download the project text as a document. And of course, the invoice can be found on this page as well.

If necessary you can use the Message Center to contact us with specific questions regarding the project.

Once a project has been completed, it automatically gets stored in your 'Projects Archive' folder. This lets you keep an organized overview of all your projects.

In addition to the overviews, you can also start a new project and save it as a Draft, allowing you to continue working on it at a later time. If you like a voice, you can save it your Favorites, ready for you to easily start a new project with your favorite voice.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'Forgot your password?' link in the top right corner. Just enter your email address and you will receive an e-mail with further instructions to retrieve your password.